Now is such a good time to buy a boat in France; the pound is strong against the euro; have you considered keeping your boat on the Mediterranean where boating is cheaper, the weather more reliable and with good air and rail links you might actually get more time on the water. Your boat could become your floating holiday apartment in the South of France.

If you decide to transport your boat back from France there are several options.

Very often the first thought is to go for the haulage company choice.

An alternative option is to sail back through the French canals/waterways.

There are several routes back through France,either from the Mediterranean South to North or East to West via the canal du midi to Bordeaux.

Why not combine your boat buying experience with a cruise back through some of the most spectacular scenery that France has to offer; stay overnight slap bang in the middle of Paris at the Arsenal Marina, just a stone's throw from La place de la Bastille, meander past the Riverside château of Richard the Lionheart on the stunning Seine River, tie up alongside the beautiful gardens and house of Monet at Givernay (no queue for the car park!), cross the famous Aquaduct at Briare along the Nivernais canal, and enjoy the 7 lock experience at Rogny. All at a pace that you dictate. Stop for a picnic at midday in the middle of nowhere (actually, no choice with that one, as everyone stops for lunch in France; even the lock keepers!). Slip alongside the town quay for an overnight stop, or tie up along the riverbank for peace and solitude.

Depending on your choice of route, draft and time of year the journey from South to North can take between 25- 35 days.

The East-West passage to Bordeaux can take between 14-18 days.

An ICC (International Certificate of Competence) endorsed for Inland Waters (CEVNI exam) is required to use the canals and rivers throughout France on a British registered boat.

Full details of regulations and licences required can be found at the link below;

A chart of navigation fees and the offices where they can be obtained and loads of other really useful information can be found on the link below;

We did the journey ourselves a few years back and our only regret is that we did it in three weeks; not enough time to enjoy all that was on offer; maybe next time!
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Bon voyage!