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# 1. The Marina

When entering marinas In the land of “ooh la la”

Some steps that must be taken to avoid a big “faux pas”

Sailing on to moorings is by no means “de rigeur”

So drop your “voiles”, both main and “foc”

And smile at “le monsieur”

“Monsieur Le Capitainerie” will lead you to your “poste”

With luck you’ll have a “ponton”

Where mooring “cords” are tossed.

Once around “l’arretoir”, which literally means YOU STOP!

It’s time to cut “le moteur” And onto land “vous” hop.

Time now for all the paperwork, “L’administration” here is king,

So take your “carte d’identité”, ship’s papers, everything!

Now the “soleil’s” over the yard arm, sundowner time, hooray!

A glass of “rouge, rosé” or “blanc”

Cheers, chin chin “santé”.

  • ooh la la ! Ooh, I say !
  • faux pas making an idiot of yourself/mistake
  • de rigeur the done thing
  • voiles sails
  • foc foresail
  • Monsieur Le Capitainerie TheHarbour Master/God
  • Poste mooring on a marina
  • Ponton pontoon
  • Cords mooring lines
  • l’arretoir cleat
  • le moteur engine
  • vous you
  • L’administration the administration
  • carte d’identité Identitycard/passport
  • soleil sun
  • rouge rosé blanc red rosé white
  • santé cheers me dears !

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