A simple wine tasting experience was all it took for the 2015 “The Apprentice” semi finalist Vana Koutsomitis to put on her entrepreneurial hat and start the commercialization of what is “vinobyvana”.

A range of light rosé wines, each with a hint of fruit; peach, cherry,grapefruit strawberry and litchi.

Vana, a 28 year old Oxford graduate,experienced the wines of the Bourdouil estate at Rivesaltes in the PyreneesOrientales close to Perpignan.
“I first tasted them in 2014, and loved the taste straight away. But I also thought that this aperitif wine would be perfect for young British women”explained Vana.

The result of a pairing of experienced Catalan winemakers and the fresh hyper-connected marketing style of American Vana, “vinobyvana” was born.

Helped by her media exposure on The Apprentice, word soon got out and now Virgin Wines, one of the fastest growing businesses in the on-line sale of wines, have taken an exclusive 6 months contract with a first order of 18,000 bottles.

“In England "says Vana, “young people see wine as a sophisticated drink, a product that you need to know about to appreciate; uncomplicated and not too strong”.

With her winning smile and marketing no-how, this smart young lady, has her feet under the Catalan table and is making her mark in the world of wine here in the South of France.