Boatshed Sud Med : Day one at the office

October the first; official launch day of Boatshed SudMed and a dramatic start for Jill Roach. Beautiful blue skies, not too windy and several dozen stunning boats to view at the very 1st second hand multihull boat show taking place at Canet en Roussillon here in the Languedoc Roussillon, close to Perpignan.

A small event but with potential to grow over the next few years, we spent the afternoon introducing ourselves to the exhibitors one of which was Catana who have a thriving multihull construction yard in Canet employing over 200 people; a real boost for the marine industry in this area.

Back to the van for a break and were immediately asked for help by a member of the public who realized we were local boaties (well done Boatshed sign writers) and alerted us to a yacht in serious difficulty the other side of the breakwater.

Dialled 196 - lifeboat on the way!

Could we keep an eye on the boat and keep them posted?

The poor yachtie had tried to enter the harbour earlier and was almost knocked down; these marinas,although clearly marked are practically impossible to enter during a strong North Easterly, and this one was throwing everything it had at the entrance.

He had turned around and dropped two anchors just the other side of the breakwater which were somehow managing to hold her off the rocks.

With the lifeboat in sight a huge wave lifted the boat up and slammed her back down shearing both anchors and she started drifting in towards the beach.

The lifeboat couldn’t get near due to the sandbanks, and by now a large crowd had gathered to watch the boat being battered and blown towards the beach; all of us helpless to do anything.

Luckily, with the wind blowing her up the beach she eventually grounded and a head appeared out of the forward hatch! Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

A few minutes later the slightly stirred and definitely shaken skipper jumped ashore. Happily only a few cuts and bruises but naturally shocked by the frightening outcome to his trip along the coast.

So, day one has certainly been exciting and we will certainly remember our Boatshed launch day, and hope that the next few months will be less dramatic but have an equally happy outcome.

Maybe see you at the next event here in SudMed; the 16th Cap D’Agde Boat Show starting on the 28th of October 2015.